Nevada Juvenile Justice
Sec. § 62D.160
Evaluation of child by expert: Required considerations.


An expert who is appointed by the juvenile court pursuant to NRS 62D.155 shall evaluate the child as specified in the court order appointing the expert.


An expert shall consider as part of his or her evaluation the child’s ability to:


Appreciate the allegations against the child;


Appreciate the range and nature of possible penalties that may be imposed upon the child, if applicable;


Understand the adversary nature of the legal process;


Disclose to the child’s counsel facts pertinent to the case;


Display appropriate courtroom behavior; and


Testify regarding relevant issues.


An expert shall also consider as part of his or her evaluation, if appropriate, the following circumstances of a child:


The age and developmental maturity of the child;


Whether the child has a mental illness or disability or a developmental disorder;


Whether the child has any other disability that affects the competence of the child; and


Any other factor that affects the competence of the child.
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