Nevada Juvenile Justice
Sec. § 62D.170
Expedited hearing to determine competence of child.


Upon receipt of the required written reports from all experts appointed by the juvenile court, the juvenile court shall hold an expedited hearing to determine whether the child is incompetent.


The parties may waive the presence of witnesses and submit the issue of competence to the juvenile court on the written reports of the experts who evaluated the child.


The party who made the motion to determine whether the child is competent has the burden of proof to rebut the presumption of competence by a preponderance of the evidence.


Unless the parties stipulate or the juvenile court orders otherwise, the parties shall disclose all witnesses, reports and documents at least 10 days before the scheduled day of the hearing.


During the hearing, the parties may:


Introduce other evidence, including, without limitation, evidence related to treatment, competence and the possibility of ordering the involuntary administration of medicine; and


Cross-examine witnesses.
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