NRS 617.380
Autopsy: Order by insurer

  • findings of physician.


On the filing of a claim for compensation for death from an occupational disease where in the opinion of the insurer it is necessary to ascertain accurately and scientifically the cause of death, an autopsy may be ordered by the insurer. The autopsy must be made by a person designated by the insurer.


The person requesting an autopsy must pay the charge of the physician making it.


Any person interested may designate a duly licensed physician to attend the autopsy.


The findings of the physician performing the autopsy must be filed with the insurer and is a public record.


All proceedings for compensation must be suspended upon refusal of a claimant or claimants to permit an autopsy when so ordered.


When an autopsy has been performed pursuant to an order of the insurer, no cause of action may lie against any person for participating in or requesting such autopsy.

Source: Section 617.380 — Autopsy: Order by insurer; findings of physician., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-617.­html#NRS617Sec380.

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