NRS 533.400
Verified statement to be filed with State Engineer by holder of permit within time set in endorsement on permit: Contents of statement

  • proof of beneficial use.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, on or before the date set in the endorsement of a permit for the application of water to beneficial use, or on the date set by the State Engineer under a proper application for extension therefor, any person holding a permit from the State Engineer to appropriate the public waters of the State of Nevada, to change the place of diversion or the manner or place of use, shall file with the State Engineer a statement under oath, on a form prescribed by the State Engineer. The statement must include:


The name and post office address of the person making the proof.


The number and date of the permit for which proof is made.


The source of the water supply.


The name of the canal or other works by which the water is conducted to the place of use.


The name of the original person to whom the permit was issued.


The purpose for which the water is used.


If for irrigation, the actual number of acres of land upon which the water granted in the permit has been beneficially used, giving the same by 40-acre legal subdivisions when possible.


An actual measurement taken by a licensed state water right surveyor or an official or employee of the Office of the State Engineer of the water diverted for beneficial use.


The capacity of the works of diversion.


If for power, the dimensions and capacity of the flume, pipe, ditch or other conduit.


The average grade and difference in elevation between the termini of any conduit.


The number of months, naming them, in which water has been beneficially used.


The amount of water beneficially used, taken from actual measurements, together with such other data as the State Engineer may require to become acquainted with the amount of the appropriation for which the proof is filed.


The provisions of subsection 1 do not apply to a person holding an environmental permit or a temporary permit issued pursuant to NRS 533.436 or 533.504.

Source: Section 533.400 — Verified statement to be filed with State Engineer by holder of permit within time set in endorsement on permit: Contents of statement; proof of beneficial use., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-533.­html#NRS533Sec400.

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