NRS 533.436

  • approval
  • duration.


A person may apply for a temporary permit to appropriate water to establish vegetative cover that is resistant to fire in an area that has been burned by a wildfire or to prevent or reduce the impact of a wildfire in an area.


In addition to the information required by NRS 533.335, an applicant for a temporary permit shall submit to the State Engineer:


A plan for establishing vegetative cover that is resistant to fire in the area;


Any other information which is necessary for a full understanding of the necessity of the appropriation; and




Examining and filing the application for the temporary permit, $150.


Issuing and recording the temporary permit, $200.


The State Engineer may forward a plan submitted pursuant to subsection 2 to the State Forester Firewarden for his or her review and comments.


The State Engineer shall approve an application for a temporary permit if:


The application is accompanied by the prescribed fees;


The appropriation is in the public interest; and


The appropriation does not impair water rights held by other persons.


A temporary permit issued pursuant to this section must not exceed 1 year in duration.
Environmental Permits

Source: Section 533.436 — Application; approval; duration., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-533.­html#NRS533Sec436.

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