Nevada Witnesses and Evidence
Sec. § 50.600
Order regarding testimony by alternative method.


An order allowing or disallowing a child witness to testify by an alternative method must state the findings of fact and conclusions of law that support the presiding officer’s determination.


An order allowing a child witness to testify by an alternative method must:


State the method by which the child is to testify;


List any natural person or category of natural person allowed to be in, or required to be excluded from, the presence of the child during the testimony;


State any special conditions necessary to facilitate a party’s right to examine or cross-examine the child;


State any condition or limitation upon the participation of natural persons present during the testimony of the child; and


State any other condition necessary for taking or presenting the testimony.


The alternative method ordered by the presiding officer may be no more restrictive of the rights of the parties than is necessary under the circumstances to serve the purposes of the order.
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