Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 444A.030
Adoption of model plan for recycling or disposal of solid waste or other waste; compliance with standards adopted by State Environmental Commission.


The Division of Environmental Protection of the Department shall, by regulation, adopt a model plan for:


Separating at the source recyclable material from other solid waste originating from residential premises and public buildings where services for the collection of solid waste are provided, including, without limitation, the placement of recycling containers on the premises of apartment complexes and condominiums where those services are provided.


Establishing recycling centers for the collection and disposal of recyclable material in areas where there are no centers.


The disposal of hazardous household products which are capable of causing harmful physical effects if inhaled, absorbed or ingested.


The disposal of infectious waste, hazardous waste which is not regulated pursuant to NRS 459.485 and liquid waste which is not regulated pursuant to NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive.


The model plans adopted pursuant to subsection 1 must not conflict with the standards adopted by the State Environmental Commission pursuant to NRS 444A.020.

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