Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 444A.020
Adoption of regulations establishing standards for recycling or disposal of solid waste; goal of standards; methods for disposal of used or waste tires.


The State Environmental Commission shall adopt regulations establishing minimum standards for:


Separating at the source recyclable material from other solid waste originating from residential premises and public buildings where services for the collection of solid waste are provided, including, without limitation, the placement of recycling containers on the premises of apartment complexes and condominiums where those services are provided.


Establishing recycling centers for the collection and disposal of recyclable material.


The disposal of hazardous household products which are capable of causing harmful physical effects if inhaled, absorbed or ingested.


The regulations adopted pursuant to subsection 1 must be adopted with the goal of recycling at least 25 percent of the total solid waste generated within a municipality after the second full year following the adoption of such standards.


The State Environmental Commission shall, by regulation, establish acceptable methods for disposing of used or waste tires consistent with the provisions of NRS 444.505, 444.507 and 444.509.

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