Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.200
Application for order of survey; notice and order; report of survey; costs of and damages caused by survey.


Any person named in NRS 40.180 and 40.190 shall have the right to apply for and obtain from any district court, or the judge thereof, an order of survey in the following manner: An application shall be made by filing the affidavit of the person making the application, which affidavit shall state, as near as can be described, the location of the mine or mines of the parties complained of, and as far as known, the names of such parties; also, the location of the mine or mines of the party making such application, and that the party has reason to believe, and does believe, that the parties complained of, their agent, or employees, are or have been trespassing upon the mine or mines of the party complaining, or are working their mine in such manner as to damage or endanger the property of the affiant.


Upon the filing of the affidavit as prescribed in subsection 1, the court or judge shall cause a notice to be given to the party complained of, or the agent thereof, which notice shall state the time, place, and before whom the application will be heard, and shall cite the party to appear in not less than 5 nor more than 10 days from the date thereof, to show cause why an order of survey should not be granted; and upon good cause shown, the court or judge shall grant such order, directed to some competent surveyor or surveyors, or to some competent mechanics, or miners, or both, as the case may be, who shall proceed to make the necessary examination as directed by the court and report the result and conclusions to the court, which report shall be filed with the clerk of the court.


The costs of the order and survey shall be paid by the persons making the application, unless such parties shall subsequently maintain an action and recover damages, as provided for in NRS 40.180, by reason of a trespass or damage done or threatened prior to such survey or examination having been made, and in that case, such costs shall be taxed against the defendant as other costs in the suit.


The parties obtaining such survey shall be liable for any unnecessary injury done to the property in the making of such survey.

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