Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.160
Action for trespass for cutting or carrying away trees or wood; treble damages.


Any person who cuts down or carries off any wood or underwood, tree or timber, or girdles or otherwise injures any tree or timber on the land of another person, or on the street or highway in front of any person’s house, city or town lot, or cultivated grounds, or on the commons or public grounds of any city or town, or on the street or highway in front thereof, without lawful authority, is liable to the owner of such land, or to such city or town, for treble the amount of damages which may be assessed therefor, in a civil action in any court having jurisdiction.


Nothing in subsection 1 of this section authorizes the recovery of more than the just value of the timber taken from uncultivated woodland for the repair of a public highway or bridge upon the land, or adjoining it.

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