Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.180
Manner of working mine or mining claim; assessment of damages.


Any person being the owner of, or in possession under any lease or contract for the working of any mine or mines within this state, shall have the right to institute and maintain an action for the recovery of any damages that may accrue by reason of the manner in which any mine or mines have been or are being worked and managed by any person who may be the owner, or in possession of and working such mine or mines under a lease or contract, and to prevent the continuance of working and managing such mine or mines in such manner as to hinder, injure, or in anywise endanger the safety of any mine or mines adjacent or adjoining thereto.


Any such owner of, or person in the possession of, any mine or mining claim, who shall enter upon or into, in any manner, any mine or mining claim, the property of another, and mine, extract, excavate or carry away any valuable mineral therefrom shall be liable to the owner of any such mine or mines trespassed upon in the amount of the value of all such mineral mined, extracted, excavated or carried away, and for all other damages, and in the absence of a showing to the contrary, the value of all such mineral mined, extracted, excavated or carried away shall be presumed to be twice the amount of the gross value of the same ascertained by an average assay of the excavated material or the ledge from which it was taken. If such trespass was made in bad faith, such damages may be trebled.

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