Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 39.270
Sales; notice.


All sales of real property under this chapter must be made by public auction or by private sale. The sale must be made to the highest bidder, upon notice published in the manner required by subsections 2 and 3. The notice must state terms of sale, and if the property or any part of it is to be sold subject to a prior estate, charge or lien, that must be stated in the notice.


Notice of a public auction or a private sale must be posted for 20 consecutive days, in three public places of the township or city in which the property is situated and at the location where the property is to be sold. The notice must also be given by publishing a copy once each week for 3 consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation, if there is one in the county. The cost of publication may not exceed the rate for legal advertising provided in NRS 238.070. If the newspaper neglects or refuses to make the publication, then posting of the notices is sufficient notice.


In case of a private sale, the notice must state a place where bids or offers will be received and a day on or after which the sale will be made. The sale must be made within 1 year after that date.

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