Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 35.120
Judgment of ouster; relator to recover costs; delivery of books by defendant; violation by corporation.


When a defendant is found guilty of usurping, intruding into or unlawfully holding or exercising an office, franchise or privilege, judgment shall be rendered that such defendant be ousted and altogether excluded therefrom, and that the relator recover the relator’s costs. The court, after such judgment, shall order the defendant to deliver over all books and papers in the defendant’s custody or under the defendant’s control belonging to the office, to the parties entitled thereto.


If the defendant be found guilty of unlawfully holding or exercising any office, franchise or privilege, or if a corporation be found to have violated the law by which it holds its existence, or in any other manner to have done acts which amount to a surrender or a forfeiture of its privileges, judgment shall be rendered that such defendant be ousted and altogether excluded from such office, franchise or privilege, and also that the defendant pay the costs of the proceedings.


If the defendant be found to have exercised merely certain individual powers and privileges to which the defendant is not entitled, the judgment shall be the same as above directed, but only in relation to those particulars in which the defendant is thus exceeding the lawful exercise of the defendant’s rights and privileges.


In case judgment is rendered against a pretended, but not real, corporation, the costs may be collected from any person who has been acting as an officer or proprietor of such pretended corporation.

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