Nevada Public Works and Planning
Sec. § 341.1405
Legislative findings and declaration.


The Legislature hereby finds as facts:


That the planning, maintenance and construction of public buildings is a specialized field requiring for its successful accomplishment a high degree of skill and experience not ordinarily acquired by public officers and employees whose primary duty lies in some other field.


That this planning, maintenance and construction involves the expenditure of large amounts of public money which, whatever their particular constitutional, statutory or governmental source, involve a public trust.


That the application by state agencies of conflicting standards of performance results in wasteful delays and increased costs in the performance of public works.


The Legislature therefore declares it to be the policy of this State that all planning, maintenance and construction of buildings upon property of the State or held in trust for any division of the State Government be supervised by, and final authority for its completion and acceptance vested in, the Division as provided in NRS 341.141 to 341.148, inclusive.
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