Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293B.380
Ballot processing and packaging board: Composition; duties.

1. The ballot processing and packaging board must be composed of persons who are qualified in the use of the data processing equipment to be operated for the voting count.


The board shall:


Allow members of the general public to observe the counting area where the computers are located during the period when ballots are being processed if those members do not interfere with the processing of the ballots.


Receive ballots and maintain groupings of them by precinct.


Before each counting of the ballots or computer run begins, validate the testing material with the counting program.


Maintain a log showing the sequence in which the ballots of each precinct are processed, as a measure to ensure that the ballots of all precincts are processed.


After each counting of the ballots, again verify the testing material with the counting program to substantiate that there has been no substitution or irregularity.


Record an explanation of any irregularity that occurs in the processing.


If the election is:


A primary election held in an even-numbered year; or


A general election,
Ê ensure that a list is compiled indicating the total votes, other than absentee votes and votes in a mailing precinct, which each candidate accumulated in each precinct.


Collect all returns, programs, testing materials, ballots and other items used in the election at the computer center and package and deliver the items to the county clerk for sealing and storage.

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