Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293B.360
Creation of special election boards; appointment of members to boards.


To facilitate the processing and computation of votes cast at any election conducted under a mechanical voting system, the county clerk shall create a computer program and processing accuracy board, and may create:


A central ballot inspection board;


An absent ballot mailing precinct inspection board;


A ballot duplicating board;


A ballot processing and packaging board; and


Such additional boards or appoint such officers as the county clerk deems necessary for the expeditious processing of ballots.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, the county clerk may determine the number of members to constitute any board. The county clerk shall make any appointments from among competent persons who are registered voters in this State. The members of each board must represent all political parties as equally as possible. The same person may be appointed to more than one board but must meet the particular qualifications for each board to which he or she is appointed.


If the county clerk creates a ballot duplicating board, the county clerk shall appoint to the board at least two members. The members of the ballot duplicating board must not all be of the same political party.


All persons appointed pursuant to this section serve at the pleasure of the county clerk.

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