Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293B.330
Duties of election board upon and after closing of polls; public may observe handling of ballots.


Upon closing of the polls, the election board shall:


Secure all mechanical recording devices against further voting.


If a mechanical voting system is used whereby votes are directly recorded electronically:


Ensure that each mechanical recording device:
(I) Provides a record printed on paper of the total number of votes recorded on the device for each candidate and for or against each measure; and
(II) Transfers the ballots voted on that device to the storage device required pursuant to NRS 293B.084.


Count the number of ballots voted at the polling place.


Account for all ballots on the statement of ballots.


Place all records printed on paper provided by the mechanical recording devices, all storage devices which store the ballots voted on the mechanical recording devices, and any other records, reports and materials as directed by the county clerk into the container provided by the county clerk to transport those items to a central counting place and seal the container.


Record the number of voters on a form provided by the county clerk.


If a difference exists between the number of voters and the number of ballots voted, the election board shall report the difference and any known reasons for the difference, in writing, to the county clerk.


After closing the polls, the election board shall:


Compare the quantity of the supplies furnished by the county clerk with the inventory of those supplies; and


Note any shortages.


The county clerk shall allow members of the general public to observe the handling of the ballots pursuant to subsection 1 if those members do not interfere with the handling of the ballots.

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