Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.325
Temporary appointment.


The Commission shall adopt regulations not inconsistent with this section for the certification of qualified persons for temporary service.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, temporary positions which occur, terminate or recur periodically must be filled by certification in accordance with the regulations adopted by the Commission.


An agency may appoint persons temporarily for less than 160 cumulative hours during any calendar year without regard to the regulations adopted by the Commission pursuant to subsection 1.


The limitation on hours set forth in subsection 3 does not apply to temporary or part-time service by:


A pupil attending the pupil’s last 2 years of high school;


A student employed by the college or university the student attends;


A person certified for temporary service in accordance with NRS 284.327;


An employee of an events center, museum or research center of the Nevada System of Higher Education;


A person employed by the Nevada System of Higher Education in a temporary position which recurs periodically for the registration of students; or


A person employed by the Nevada System of Higher Education to provide such assistance to a student with a disability or to a student with an identified academic disadvantage as it determines is necessary for the academic success of the student, including, without limitation, a person employed as a tutor, note taker, reader, sign interpreter or test proctor.


The acceptance or refusal by an eligible person of a temporary appointment does not affect the person’s standing on the register for permanent employment, nor may the period of temporary service be counted as part of the probationary period in case of subsequent appointment to a permanent position.


Successive temporary appointments to the same position must not be made under this section.


As used in this section, “student with an identified academic disadvantage” includes, without limitation, a student who the Nevada System of Higher Education has determined requires the services of a tutor for success in a course of study.

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