Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.320
Appointments requiring exceptional scientific, professional or expert qualifications.


In case of a vacancy in a position where peculiar and exceptional qualifications of a scientific, professional or expert character are required, and upon satisfactory evidence that for specific reasons competition in that case is impracticable, and that the position can best be filled by the selection of some designated person of high and recognized attainments in the required qualities, the Administrator may suspend the requirements of competition.


The Administrator may suspend the requirements of competitive examination for positions requiring highly professional qualifications if past experience or current research indicates a difficulty in recruitment or if the qualifications include a license or certification.


Upon specific written justification by the appointing authority, the Administrator may suspend the requirement of competitive examination for a position where extreme difficulty in recruitment has been experienced and extensive efforts at recruitment have failed to produce five persons in the state service who are qualified applicants for promotion to the position.


Except in the circumstances described in subsection 2, no suspension may be general in its application to any position.

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