Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.295
Vacancy filled by promotion; eligibility; competitive examinations.


Vacancies in positions must be filled, so far as practicable, by promotion within a department or agency from among persons holding positions in the classified service. Promotions must be based upon merit and fitness, to be ascertained in accordance with regulations adopted by the Commission. In such regulations, the employee’s efficiency, character, conduct and length of service must all constitute factors. For the purposes of this subsection, a person employed by the Legislative Branch of Government pursuant to subsection 7 of NRS 284.3775 shall be deemed to hold the position the person held before the legislative session.


Eligibility for promotion must be determined on recommendation of the appointing authority and certification by the Administrator that the employee meets the minimum requirements and demonstrates the employee’s qualifications in accordance with regulations adopted by the Commission.


The Administrator may provide, in specific cases, for competitive promotional examinations among employees of departments other than that in which a particular vacancy in a higher classification may exist.


An advancement in rank or grade or an increase in salary beyond the maximum fixed for the class constitutes a promotion.

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