Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.115
Administrative costs: Budgeting; payment by state departments, agencies and institutions.


The Administrator shall:


Maintain accurate records reflecting the costs of administering the provisions of this chapter.


In preparation for the budget for each biennium, determine, on the basis of experience during the 2 preceding fiscal years, the estimated cost of carrying out the functions of the Division for the 2 succeeding fiscal years, and inform each department, agency and institution operating under the provisions of this chapter of that cost.


Each department, agency and institution shall include in its budget for each of the 2 succeeding fiscal years an amount of money equal to the cost estimated pursuant to subsection 1.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 4, on July 1 of each year each department, agency and institution shall pay to the Administrator for deposit in the Personnel Operating Fund an assessment equal to the amount of money appropriated to or authorized for that department, agency or institution pursuant to its budget for the costs of personnel administration.


Any state department, agency or institution may pay the assessment required by subsection 3 on a date or dates other than July 1 if compliance with federal law or regulation so requires.


Changes in assessments are effective upon approval of the Governor and the Interim Finance Committee.

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