Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.075
Administrator: Qualifications; other employment prohibited.

The Administrator:


Shall not engage in any other gainful employment or occupation.


Must be selected with special reference to the person’s training, experience, capacity and interest in the field of personnel administration. The knowledge and abilities of the person selected as the Administrator should include:


A comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of personnel administration.


A working knowledge of job and salary classification methods.


An extensive knowledge of the organization and operations of state departments, agencies and institutions, and of statutes and regulations concerning government personnel.


An extensive knowledge of principles of public organization and administration.


Administrative ability in the direction of staff analyses of government salaries and positions, and in the maintenance of effective working relationships with all state officials concerned with personnel.


Ability to organize and present clearly oral and written reports of findings and recommendations.


Must have progressively responsible experience in personnel administration in an amount to be determined by the Commission and have been graduated from an accredited 4-year college or university, or have an equivalent combination of experience in personnel administration or training, substituting 2 years of experience for 1 year of training.

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