Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.055
Personnel Commission: Meetings; quorum; majority vote; rights and duties of alternate members; duty of Commission to keep minutes and audio recordings or transcripts; public records.


The members of the Commission may meet at the times and places specified by the call of the Chair or a majority of the Commission, but a meeting of the Commission must be held regularly at least once every 3 months.


Five members of the Commission constitute a quorum. A majority vote of the five members of the Commission is required for any official action taken by the Commission, including, without limitation:


To adopt, amend or rescind a regulation of the Commission; and


To decide an appeal to the Commission made by an employee in the public service of the State.


If an alternate member attends a meeting of the Commission in place of the regular member, the alternate member fully assumes the duties, rights and responsibilities of the replaced regular member for the duration of that meeting and is entitled to the compensation, allowances and expenses otherwise payable for members who attend the meeting.


The Commission shall keep minutes and audio recordings or transcripts of the transactions of each meeting. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 241.035, the minutes, audio recordings and transcripts are public records and must be filed with the Division. A copy of the minutes or audio recordings must be made available to a member of the public upon request at no charge pursuant to NRS 241.035.

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