Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281A.680
Rendering of advisory opinion by Commission; deadline and waiver; certain advisory opinions binding upon requester; judicial review; confidentiality and waiver.


If a public officer or employee properly files a request for an advisory opinion, the Commission shall render an advisory opinion that interprets the statutory ethical standards and applies those standards to the given set of facts and circumstances. The Commission shall render the advisory opinion within 45 days after receiving the request, unless the requester waives this time limit.


If the advisory opinion rendered by the Commission relates to the propriety of the present or future conduct of the requester, the advisory opinion is:


Binding upon the requester with regard to the future conduct of the requester; and


A final decision that is subject to judicial review pursuant to NRS 233B.130.


If the requester seeks judicial review pursuant to NRS 233B.130, any proceedings concerning such judicial review must be confidential and held in closed court without admittance of persons other than those necessary to the proceedings, unless the requester waives this right to confidential proceedings.

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