Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281A.290
Duties of Commission; inclusion of annotations of opinions of Commission in Nevada Revised Statutes.

The Commission shall:


Adopt procedural regulations that are necessary and proper to carry out the provisions of this chapter, including, without limitation:


To facilitate the receipt of inquiries by the Commission;


For the filing of an ethics complaint or a request for an advisory opinion with the Commission;


For the withdrawal of an ethics complaint or a request for an advisory opinion by the person who filed the ethics complaint or request;


To facilitate the prompt rendition of opinions by the Commission; and


For proceedings concerning an ethics complaint, to facilitate written discovery requests submitted pursuant to NRS 281A.750 and 281A.755 and the disclosure of evidence in the manner required by those sections, including, without limitation, the disclosure of evidence obtained by or on behalf of the Executive Director during the course of the investigation that affirmatively and substantively disproves any alleged violation of this chapter that is related to the ethics complaint and has been referred to the Commission for an adjudicatory hearing.


Prescribe, by regulation, forms and procedures for the submission of statements of acknowledgment filed by public officers pursuant to NRS 281A.500, maintain files of such statements and make the statements available for public inspection.


Cause the making of such investigations as are reasonable and necessary for the rendition of its opinions pursuant to this chapter.


Inform the Attorney General or district attorney of all cases of noncompliance with the requirements of this chapter.


Recommend to the Legislature such further legislation as the Commission considers desirable or necessary to promote and maintain high standards of ethical conduct in government.


Publish a manual for the use of public officers and employees that explains the requirements of this chapter.
Ê The Legislative Counsel shall prepare annotations to this chapter for inclusion in the Nevada Revised Statutes based on the published opinions of the Commission.

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