Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281A.260
Commission Counsel: Duties; legal advice; appointment or employment of other counsel by Commission under certain circumstances.


The Commission Counsel is the legal adviser to the Commission. For each opinion of the Commission, the Commission Counsel shall prepare, at the direction of the Commission, the appropriate findings of fact and conclusions as to relevant standards and the propriety of particular conduct. The Commission Counsel shall not issue written opinions concerning the applicability of the statutory ethical standards to a given set of facts and circumstances except as directed by the Commission.


The Commission may rely upon the legal advice of the Commission Counsel in conducting its daily operations.


If the Commission Counsel is prohibited from acting on a particular matter or is otherwise unable to act on a particular matter, the Commission may:


Request that the Attorney General appoint a deputy to act in the place of the Commission Counsel; or


Employ outside legal counsel.

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