Nevada Cities and Towns
Sec. § 267.500
“Water project” defined.

Water project means facilities pertaining to a municipal water system for the collection, transportation, treatment, purification and distribution of water, including without limitation springs, wells, ponds, lakes, other raw water sources, basin cribs, dams, spillways, retarding basins, detention basins, reservoirs, towers, other storage facilities, pumping plants, infiltration galleries, filtration plants, purification systems, other water treatment facilities, power plants, waterworks plants, pumping stations, gauging stations, ventilating facilities, stream gauges, rain gauges, valves, standpipes, connections, hydrants, conduits, flumes, sluices, canals, channels, ditches, pipes, lines, laterals, service pipes, force mains, submains, syphons, other water transmission and distribution mains, engines, boilers, pumps, meters, apparatus, tools, equipment, fixtures, structures, buildings and other facilities for the acquisition, transportation, treatment, purification and distribution of untreated water or potable water for domestic, commercial and industrial use and irrigation (or any combination thereof).
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