Nevada Cities and Towns
Sec. § 267.110
Powers of city with commission form of government; contents of charter.


Any city having adopted a charter pursuant to the provisions of NRS 267.010 to 267.140, inclusive, has pursuant to the charter:


All of the powers enumerated in the general laws of the State for the incorporation of cities.


Such other powers necessary and not in conflict with the Constitution and laws of the State of Nevada to carry out the commission form of government.


The charter, when submitted, must:


Fix the number of commissioners, their terms of office and their duties and compensation.


Provide for all necessary appointive and elective officers for the form of government therein provided, and fix their salaries and emoluments, duties and powers.


Fix, in accordance with the provisions of NRS 293C.140 and 293C.175 or with the provisions of NRS 293C.145, or with the provisions of paragraph (a) of subsection 1 of NRS 293C.115, the time for the first and subsequent elections for all elective officers. After the first election and the qualification of the officers who were elected, the old officers and all boards or offices and their emoluments must be abolished.
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