Nevada Cities and Towns
Sec. § 267.460
“Drainage project” defined.

Drainage project means any natural and artificial water facilities for the collection, channeling, impoundment and disposal of rainfall, other surface and subsurface drainage waters and storm and floodwaters, including without limitation ditches, ponds, dams, spillways, retarding basins, detention basins, lakes, reservoirs, canals, channels, levees, revetments, dikes, walls, embankments, bridges, inlets, outlets, connections, laterals, other collection lines, intercepting sewers, outfalls, outfall sewers, trunk sewers, force mains, submains, water lines, sluices, flumes, syphons, sewer lines, pipes, conduits, culverts, other transmission lines, pumping stations, gauging stations, ventilating facilities, stream gauges, rain gauges, engines, valves, pumps, meters, junction boxes, manholes, other inlet and outlet structures, bucket machines, inlet and outlet cleaners, backhoes, draglines, graders, other equipment, apparatus, fixtures, structures and buildings, flood-warning service and appurtenant telephone, telegraph, radio and television apparatus, and other water diversion, drainage and flood-control facilities (or any combination thereof).
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