NRS 232.920
Director: Powers and duties.

The Director:




Organize the Department into divisions and other operating units as needed to achieve the purposes of the Department;


Upon request, provide the Director of the Department of Administration with a list of organizations and agencies in this State whose primary purpose is the training and employment of persons with disabilities;


Except as otherwise provided by a specific statute, direct the divisions to share information in their records with agencies of local governments which are responsible for the collection of debts or obligations if the confidentiality of the information is otherwise maintained under the terms and conditions required by law;


Provide the employment and wage information to the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada for purposes of the reporting required of the Board of Regents by subsection 4 of NRS 396.531; and


Provide to the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau a written report each quarter containing the rate of unemployment of residents of this State regarding whom the Department has information, organized by county and, for each county, the rate of unemployment disaggregated by demographic information, including, without limitation, age, race and gender. The Director of the Department shall:


Post on the Internet website of the Department the report required by this paragraph;


Provide the report to the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board and all applicable agencies for the purposes of subsection 5 of NRS 232.935; and


Post on the Internet website of the Department the written report provided by the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board pursuant to subsection 5 of NRS 232.935.


Is responsible for the administration, through the divisions of the Department, of the provisions of NRS 394.383 to 394.560, inclusive, 426.010 to 426.720, inclusive, 426.740, 426.790 and 426.800, and chapters 612 and 615 of NRS, and all other provisions of law relating to the functions of the Department and its divisions, but is not responsible for the professional line activities of the divisions or other operating units except as otherwise provided by specific statute.


May employ, within the limits of legislative appropriations, such staff as is necessary for the performance of the duties of the Department.

Source: Section 232.920 — Director: Powers and duties., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-232.­html#NRS232Sec920.

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