Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 16.120
Deliberation of jury: How and where conducted.


After hearing the charge, the jury shall retire for deliberation until they agree upon their verdict or are discharged by the court and must be kept together in a room provided for them, under charge of one or more officers, unless at the discretion of the court they are permitted to depart for home overnight. When the jury is kept together, the officer in charge shall keep the jury separate from other persons. The officer shall not permit any communication to them, or make any himself or herself, unless by order of the court, except to ask them if they have agreed upon their verdict. The officer shall not, before the verdict is rendered, communicate to any person the state of their deliberations or the verdict agreed upon.


Each party to the action may appoint one or more persons, one of whom on each side is entitled to remain with the officer in charge of the jury, and to be present at all times when any communication is had with any member of the jury except when they are permitted to depart for home overnight, and no communication, either oral or written, may be made to or received from any of the jurors while they are kept together, except in the presence of and hearing of persons selected by the parties; and in case of a written communication, it must not be delivered until read by them.


At each adjournment of the court, whether the jurors are permitted to depart for home overnight or are kept in charge of officers, they must be admonished by the judge or another officer of the court that it is their duty not to:


Communicate among themselves or with any other person concerning their deliberations or any other subject connected with the trial; or


Read, watch or listen to any report of or commentary on the trial or any person connected with the trial by any medium of information, including without limitation newspapers, television and radio.

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