Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 16.090
Order of proceedings after jury has been sworn.

When the jury has been sworn, the trial must proceed in the following order, unless the judge for special reasons otherwise directs:


The pleadings may be read by counsel for the respective parties, as they may prefer, or, if not so read, counsel for the respective parties may state the issue during their opening statements. If the pleadings are not read before jury voir dire, the court or either counsel, as the court directs, may state the nature of the case to the jury and advise the jurors of the witnesses whom each side proposes to call. After the jury has been selected and sworn, counsel for the plaintiff and defendant, shall make opening statements if they desire.


The plaintiff and defendant shall then each offer the evidence upon his or her part.


The parties may then respectively offer rebutting evidence only, unless the court for good reason, in furtherance of justice, permits them to offer evidence upon their original case.


When the evidence is concluded, unless the case is submitted to the jury by either or both sides without argument, the plaintiff must commence and may conclude the argument.


If several plaintiffs or defendants, having separate claims or defenses, appear by different counsel, the court shall determine their relative order in the evidence and argument.


The court shall settle and give the instructions to the jury before the argument begins, but this does not prevent the giving of further instructions which may become necessary by reason of the argument.

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