Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 16.110
Instructions to jury.


The court shall reduce to writing the instructions to be given to the jury, unless the parties agree otherwise, and shall read such instructions to the jury. The court shall give instructions only as to the law of the case. An original and one copy of each instruction requested by any party shall be tendered to the court. The copies shall be numbered and indicate who tendered them. Copies of instructions given on the court’s own motion or modified by the court shall be so identified. When requested instructions are refused, the judge shall write on the margin of the original the word “refused” and initial or sign the notation. The instructions given to the jury shall be firmly bound together and the judge shall write the word “given” at the conclusion thereof and sign the last of the instructions to signify that all have been given. After the instructions are given, the judge shall not clarify, modify or in any manner explain them to the jury except in writing unless the parties agree to oral instructions.


After the jury has reached a verdict and been discharged, the originals of all instructions, whether given, modified or refused, shall be preserved by the clerk as part of the proceedings.


Conferences with counsel to settle instructions may be held in chambers at the option of the court. In any event, conferences on instructions must be out of the presence of the jury.

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