Nevada Guardianships; Conservatorships; Trusts

Sec. § 159.057
Appointment of guardian for two or more proposed protected persons; powers, duties and termination of such guardianships.


Where the appointment of a guardian is sought for two or more proposed protected persons who are children of a common parent, parent and child or married couple, it is not necessary that separate petitions, bonds and other papers be filed with respect to each proposed protected person or protected persons.


If a guardian is appointed for such protected persons, the guardian:


Shall keep separate accounts of the estate of each protected person;


May make investments for each protected person;


May compromise and settle claims against one or more protected persons; and


May sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise manage the property of one or more protected persons.


The guardianship may be terminated with respect to less than all the protected persons in the same manner as provided by law with respect to a guardianship of a single protected person.

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