Nevada Property Rights and Transactions

Sec. § 118B.067
Obligations of landlord and tenant concerning placement, set up and installation of manufactured home.


If a landlord approves the placement of a manufactured home on a lot in a park and it is determined after the home is placed on the lot that the placement of the home does not comply with the requirements of the local ordinances relating to that placement, the landlord shall pay the cost to ensure compliance with those requirements.


A landlord shall notify any tenant who is bringing a manufactured home which is new to the manufactured home park into the manufactured home park that the provisions of NRS 489.311 require that only persons licensed by the State of Nevada as general servicepersons are legally permitted to set up and install a manufactured home. Before the tenant may bring such a manufactured home into the manufactured home park, the tenant must provide to the landlord a copy of the license issued pursuant to NRS 489.311 to the person who will be installing the manufactured home.

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