Nevada Property Rights and Transactions

Sec. § 118A.490
Actions based upon nonpayment of rent: Counterclaim by tenant; deposit of rent with court; judgment for eviction.


In an action for possession based upon nonpayment of rent or in an action for rent where the tenant is in possession, the tenant may defend and counterclaim for any amount which the tenant may recover under the rental agreement, this chapter, or other applicable law. If it appears that there is money which may be due to the landlord by the tenant after the day of the hearing or if a judgment is delayed for any reason, the court shall require a tenant who remains in possession of the premises to deposit with the court a just and reasonable amount to satisfy the obligation, but not more than 1 day’s rent for each day until the new hearing date. The court shall order the tenant to pay the landlord any rent which is not in dispute and shall determine the amount due to each party. Upon the application of either party, the court, after notice and opportunity for a hearing, may for good cause release to either party all or any portion of the rent paid into court by the tenant. The court shall award the prevailing party the amount owed and shall give judgment for any other amount which is due.


In any action for rent where the tenant is not in possession, the tenant may counterclaim as provided in subsection 1 but is not required to pay any rent into court.


When the court renders a decision on the landlord’s claim for possession, it shall distribute any rent paid into court under subsection 1 upon a determination of the amount due to each party.


If a tenant fails to deposit with the court within 24 hours after the original hearing the entire amount required pursuant to subsection 1, the tenant relinquishes the right to a hearing and the court shall at that time grant a judgment for eviction without further hearing.

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