Nevada Property Rights and Transactions

Sec. § 118A.440
Failure of tenant to perform basic obligations: Remedial work by landlord may be charged to tenant.

If the tenant’s failure to perform basic obligations under this chapter can be remedied by repair, replacement of a damaged item or cleaning, and the tenant fails to use his or her best efforts to comply within 14 days after written notice by the landlord specifying the breach and requesting that the tenant remedy it within that period of time or more promptly if conditions require in case of emergency, the landlord may enter the dwelling unit and cause the work to be done in a workmanlike manner and submit the itemized bill for the actual and reasonable cost, or the fair and reasonable value of the work. The itemized bill shall be paid as rent on the next date periodic rent is due, or if the rental agreement has terminated, may be submitted to the tenant for immediate payment or deducted from the security.

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