Nevada Property Rights and Transactions

Sec. § 118A.370
Failure of landlord to deliver possession of dwelling unit.

If the landlord fails to deliver possession of the dwelling unit to the tenant as provided in this chapter, rent abates until possession is delivered as required, and the tenant may:


Terminate the rental agreement upon at least 5 days’ written notice to the landlord and upon termination the landlord shall return all prepaid rent, security recoverable under this chapter, and any payment, deposit, fee or charge to secure the execution of the rental agreement; or


Demand performance of the rental agreement by the landlord and, if the tenant elects, maintain an action for possession of the dwelling unit against the landlord or any person wrongfully in possession and recover the actual damages sustained. If the landlord has exercised due diligence to evict the holdover tenant or remedy the condition keeping the new tenant from taking possession, the landlord is not liable for damages; or


Pursue any other remedies to which the tenant is entitled, including the right to recover any actual damages suffered.

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