Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities
Sec. § 78A.030
Procedure for existing corporation to become close corporation.


Any corporation organized under chapter 78 of NRS may become a close corporation pursuant to this chapter by signing, filing and recording, in accordance with NRS 78.390, a certificate of amendment of the articles of incorporation which must:


Contain a statement that the corporation elects to become a close corporation; and


Meet the requirements of paragraph (a) of subsection 2 of NRS 78A.020.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, the amendment must be adopted in accordance with the requirements of NRS 78.380 or 78.390.


If an amendment is adopted in accordance with the requirements of NRS 78.390, it must be approved by a vote of the holders of record of at least two-thirds of the shares of each class of stock of the corporation that are outstanding and entitled to vote, unless the articles of incorporation or bylaws require approval by a greater proportion.
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