NRS 706.8837
Standards for taxicabs before operation.

A certificate holder shall not permit a taxicab to be operated in passenger service unless it meets all of the following standards:


The steering mechanism is in good mechanical working order.


The vehicle does not have any apparent loose knuckles, bolts or gear trains.


The door hinges and latches are in good mechanical working order and all doors operate easily and close securely.


Interior or exterior advertising does not obscure the driver’s view in any direction.


The windows are clear and free from cracks or chips in excess of 3 inches in length and are composed of approved, nonshatterable safety glass.


The brakes are in good mechanical working order and when pressed are not less than 1 3/4 inches from the floorboard.


The exhaust system, gaskets, tailpipes and mufflers are in good condition and exhaust fumes do not penetrate the interior of the vehicle.


The vehicle is equipped with four adequate and safe tires. Recapped tires may be used. Regrooved tires may not be used.


The speedometer is properly installed, maintained in good working order and exposed to view.


The interior of the vehicle is clean, free from torn upholstery and from damaged or broken seats.


The headlights, taillights, stoplights and turn signals are in good mechanical working order.


The horn and two windshield wipers are in good mechanical working order.


The taximeter is working properly, is not disconnected and has its covers and gears intact.


An air pollution control system is functioning in accordance with federal, state and local laws which were applicable to the type of vehicle at the time of its manufacture.

Source: Section 706.8837 — Standards for taxicabs before operation., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-706.­html#NRS706Sec8837.

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