NRS 683A.08522
Contents of application for certificate of registration.

Each application for a certificate of registration as an administrator must include or be accompanied by:


A financial statement of the applicant that has been reviewed by an independent certified public accountant and which includes:


A statement regarding the amount of money that the applicant expects to collect from or disburse to residents of this state during the next calendar year.


Financial information for the 90 days immediately preceding the date the application was filed with the Commissioner.


An income statement and balance sheet for the 2 years immediately preceding the application that are:


Prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; and


Reviewed by an independent certified public accountant.


A certification of the financial statement by an officer of the applicant.


The documents used to create the business association of the administrator, including articles of incorporation, articles of association, a partnership agreement, a trust agreement and a shareholders’ agreement.


The documents used to regulate the internal affairs of the administrator, including the bylaws, rules or regulations of the administrator.


A certificate of registration issued pursuant to NRS 600.350 for a trade name or trademark used by the administrator, if applicable.


An organizational chart that identifies each person who directly or indirectly controls the administrator and each affiliate of the administrator.


A notarized affidavit from each person who manages or controls the administrator, including each member of the board of directors or board of trustees, each officer, partner and member of the business association of the administrator, and each shareholder of the administrator who holds not less than 10 percent of the voting stock of the administrator. The affidavit must include:


The personal history, business record and insurance experience of the affiant;


Whether the affiant has been investigated by any regulatory authority or has had any license or certificate denied, suspended or revoked in any state; and


Any other information that the Commissioner may require.


The complete name and address of each office of the administrator, including offices located outside this state.


A statement that sets forth whether the administrator has:


Held a license or certificate to transact any kind of insurance in this state or any other state and whether that license or certificate has been refused, suspended or revoked;


Been indebted to any person and, if so, the circumstances of that debt; and


Had an administrative agreement cancelled and, if so, the circumstances of that cancellation.


A statement that describes the business plan of the administrator. The statement must include information:


Concerning the number of persons on the staff of the administrator and the activities proposed in this state or in any other state.


That demonstrates the capability of the administrator to provide a sufficient number of experienced and qualified persons for the processing of claims, the keeping of records and, if applicable, underwriting.


If the applicant intends to solicit new or renewal business, proof that the applicant employs or has contracted with a producer of insurance licensed in this state to solicit and take applications. An applicant who intends to solicit insurance contracts directly or to act as a producer must provide proof that the applicant is licensed as a producer in this state.

Source: Section 683A.08522 — Contents of application for certificate of registration., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-683A.­html#NRS683ASec08522.

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