Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 682A.564
Derivative transactions: Limitations on income generation transactions.

An insurer may only enter into the following types of income generation transactions if, as a result of and after giving effect to the transactions, the aggregate statement value of the fixed income assets that are subject to call plus the face value of fixed income securities underlying a derivative instrument subject to call, plus the amount of the purchase obligations under the puts, does not exceed 10 percent of its admitted assets:


Sales of covered call options on noncallable fixed income securities, callable fixed income securities if the option expires by its terms before the end of the noncallable period or derivative instruments based on fixed income securities;


Sales of covered call options on equity securities, if the insurer holds in its portfolio, or can immediately acquire through the exercise of options, warrants or conversion rights already owned, the equity securities subject to call during the complete term of the call option sold; or


Sales of covered puts on investments that the insurer is allowed to acquire pursuant to this chapter if the insurer has escrowed, or entered into a custodian agreement segregating, cash or cash equivalents with a market value equal to the amount of its purchase obligations under the put during the complete term of the put option sold.
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