Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 682A.542
Income-producing real estate.


An insurer may acquire, manage and dispose of real estate situated in a domestic jurisdiction either directly or indirectly through limited partnership interests and general partnership interests not otherwise prohibited by paragraph (d) of subsection 1 of NRS 682A.380, joint ventures, stock of an investment subsidiary or membership interests in a limited-liability company, trust certificates or other similar interests. The real estate must be income producing or intended for improvement or development for investment purposes under an existing program, in which case the real estate shall be deemed to be income producing.


The real estate may be subject to mortgages, liens or other encumbrances, the amount of which must, to the extent that the obligations secured by the mortgages, liens or encumbrances are without recourse to the insurer, be deducted from the amount of the investment of the insurer in the real estate for purposes of determining compliance with subsections 2 and 3 of NRS 682A.546.
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