NRS 678A.450
Board: Regulations.


The Board may adopt regulations necessary or convenient to carry out the provisions of this title. Such regulations may include, without limitation:


Financial requirements for licensees.


Establishing such investigative and enforcement mechanisms as the Board deems necessary to ensure the compliance of a licensee or registrant with the provisions of this title.


Requirements for licensees or registrants relating to the cultivation, processing, manufacture, transport, distribution, testing, study, advertising and sale of cannabis and cannabis products.


Policies and procedures to ensure that the cannabis industry in this State is economically competitive, inclusive of racial minorities, women and persons and communities that have been adversely affected by cannabis prohibition and accessible to persons of low-income seeking to start a business.


Policies and procedures governing the circumstances under which the Board may waive the requirement to obtain a registration card pursuant to this title for any person who holds an ownership interest of less than 5 percent in any one cannabis establishment or an ownership interest in more than one cannabis establishment of the same type that, when added together, is less than 5 percent.


Reasonable restrictions on the signage, marketing, display and advertising of cannabis establishments. Such a restriction must not require a cannabis establishment to obtain the approval of the Board before using a logo, sign or advertisement.


Provisions governing the sales of products and commodities made from hemp, as defined in NRS 557.160, or containing cannabidiol by cannabis establishments.


The Board shall adopt regulations providing for the gathering and maintenance of comprehensive demographic information, including, without limitation, information regarding race, ethnicity, age and gender, concerning each:


Owner and manager of a cannabis establishment.


Holder of a cannabis establishment agent registration card.


The Board shall transmit the information gathered and maintained pursuant to subsection 2 to the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau for transmission to the Legislature on or before January 1 of each odd-numbered year.


The Board shall, by regulation, establish a pilot program for identifying opportunities for an emerging small cannabis business to participate in the cannabis industry. As used in this subsection, “emerging small cannabis business” means a cannabis-related business that:


Is in existence, operational and operated for a profit;


Maintains its principal place of business in this State; and


Satisfies requirements for the number of employees and annual gross revenue established by the Board by regulation.

Source: Section 678A.450 — Board: Regulations., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-678A.­html#NRS678ASec450.

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