Nevada Regulation of Cannabis

Sec. § 678A.430
Organization; administrative expenses; employees; plan concerning employees.


The Executive Director may, subject to the approval of the Board:


Establish, and from time to time alter, such a plan of organization as he or she may deem expedient.


Acquire such furnishings, equipment, supplies, stationery, books, motor vehicles and other things as he or she may deem necessary or desirable in carrying out his or her functions and the functions of the Board.


Incur such other expenses, within the limit of money available to the Board, as he or she may deem necessary.


Except as otherwise provided in this title, all costs of administration incurred by the Board must be paid out on claims from the State General Fund in the same manner as other claims against the State are paid.


The Executive Director shall organize the work of the Board in such a way as to secure maximum efficiency in the conduct of the Board and make possible a definite placing of responsibility. To this end, the Executive Director may establish such organizational units within the Board as he or she deems necessary.


The Executive Director may employ such clerical or expert assistance as may be required.


Persons employed by the Board may be assigned to stations, offices or locations selected by the Executive Director both within this State and outside this State where, in the judgment of the Executive Director, it is necessary to maintain personnel to protect, investigate and ensure the safe and lawful conduct of the cannabis industry in this State.


Any person assigned to a station, office or location as provided in subsection 5 shall be entitled to receive a per diem allowance only when the business of the Board takes the person away from the particular station, office or location to which he or she is assigned.


The members of the Board and the Executive Director are exempt from the provisions of chapter 284 of NRS. The Executive Director is entitled to such leaves of absence as the Board prescribes, but such leaves must not be of lesser duration than those provided for other state employees pursuant to chapter 284 of NRS. Employees described in NRS 284.148 are subject to the limitations specified in that section.

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