Nevada Banks and Related Organizations; Other Financial Institutions

Sec. § 671.190
Unlawful acts; penalty; other remedies.


Any person who:


Violates any provision of this chapter, or any regulation adopted or order issued by the Commissioner pursuant to this chapter;


Knowingly makes any false or misleading statement of a material fact in any application, statement or report filed pursuant to this chapter;


Knowingly omits to state any material fact necessary to provide the Commissioner with information lawfully required by the Commissioner; or


Refuses to permit or obstructs any lawful investigation, examination, entry or access by the Commissioner,
Ê is guilty of a misdemeanor.


Each day during which a violation continues constitutes a separate offense.


The imposition of any fine or term of imprisonment pursuant to subsection 1:


Is in addition to any suspension, revocation or denial of renewal of a license which may result from the violation.


Is not a bar to enforcement of this chapter by an injunction or other appropriate civil remedy.

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