Nevada Banks and Related Organizations; Other Financial Institutions

Sec. § 671.170
Investigations and hearings; fee; confidential communications.


The Commissioner may conduct any necessary investigations and hearings to determine whether any licensee or other person has violated any of the provisions of this chapter or whether any licensee has conducted himself or herself in a manner which requires the suspension, revocation or denial of renewal of his or her license.


In conducting any investigation or hearing pursuant to this chapter, the Commissioner, or any person designated by the Commissioner, may require the attendance and testimony of any person and compel the production of all relevant books, records, accounts and other documents. The Commissioner shall charge and collect from each licensee or other person a fee at the rate established and, if applicable, adjusted pursuant to NRS 658.101 for the cost of any supervision, audit, examination, investigation or hearing conducted pursuant to this chapter or any regulations adopted pursuant thereto.


The Commissioner may require any licensee to submit such reports concerning the licensee’s business as the Commissioner deems necessary for the enforcement of this chapter.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 239.0115, all reports of investigations and examinations and other reports rendered pursuant to this section, and all correspondence and memoranda relating to or arising therefrom, including any authenticated copies thereof in the possession of any licensee or the Commissioner, are confidential communications, are not subject to any subpoena, and must not be made public unless the Commissioner determines that justice and the public advantage will be served by their publication. This subsection does not preclude any party to an administrative or judicial proceeding from introducing into evidence any information or document otherwise available or admissible.

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