Nevada Professions, Occupations and Businesses

Sec. § 636.373
Associations or other business relationships with physicians; prohibition on supervision or control or influence over professional judgment of optometrist unless licensed to practice optometry.


An optometrist may form an association or other business relationship with a physician to provide their respective services to patients.


If such an association or business relationship is formed, the optometrist may:


Locate his or her office in the same place of business as the physician without a physical separation between the office and the place of business.


Authorize the physician to have access to any medical records in the possession of the optometrist relating to a patient who is being treated by both the optometrist and the physician.


Advertise and promote the services provided by the association or business consistent with the restrictions on advertising set forth in NRS 636.302.


A person shall not directly or indirectly supervise an optometrist within the scope of his or her practice of optometry unless the person is licensed to practice optometry pursuant to this chapter.


A person, including an officer, employee or agent of any commercial or mercantile establishment, shall not directly or indirectly control, dictate or influence the professional judgment of the practice of optometry by a licensed optometrist, unless the person is licensed to practice optometry pursuant to this chapter.


This section does not authorize an optometrist to employ or be employed by a physician.

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