Nevada Professions, Occupations and Businesses

Sec. § 636.372
Leasing of office from unlicensed person; regulations.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 4, an optometrist may enter into an agreement with a person who is not licensed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter for the leasing of a building or a part thereof for use in his or her practice. The lease may contain a provision which requires that the rent must be based on a percentage of the revenue earned by the optometrist in his or her practice if the total amount of rent paid for the building or part thereof does not exceed its fair rental value, including any furniture, fixtures or equipment therein.


An optometrist who enters into such a lease with a physician may locate his or her office in the same place of business as the physician without a physical separation between the office and the place of business.


The Board may adopt regulations prescribing the requirements for such leases. The regulations must ensure the quality of optometric care and the practice of optometry without restricting competition or the commercial practice of optometry.


An optometrist shall not enter into a lease pursuant to this section unless, during the term of the lease, the optometrist maintains exclusive access to, and control and ownership of, the medical records of each patient of the optometrist.

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