NRS 633.511
Grounds for initiating disciplinary action.


The grounds for initiating disciplinary action pursuant to this chapter are:


Unprofessional conduct.


Conviction of:


A violation of any federal or state law regulating the possession, distribution or use of any controlled substance or any dangerous drug as defined in chapter 454 of NRS;


A felony relating to the practice of osteopathic medicine or practice as a physician assistant;


A violation of any of the provisions of NRS 616D.200, 616D.220, 616D.240 or 616D.300 to 616D.440, inclusive;


Murder, voluntary manslaughter or mayhem;


Any felony involving the use of a firearm or other deadly weapon;


Assault with intent to kill or to commit sexual assault or mayhem;


Sexual assault, statutory sexual seduction, incest, lewdness, indecent exposure or any other sexually related crime;


Abuse or neglect of a child or contributory delinquency; or


Any offense involving moral turpitude.


The suspension of a license to practice osteopathic medicine or to practice as a physician assistant by any other jurisdiction.


Malpractice or gross malpractice, which may be evidenced by a claim of malpractice settled against a licensee.


Professional incompetence.


Failure to comply with the requirements of NRS 633.527.


Failure to comply with the requirements of subsection 3 of NRS 633.471.


Failure to comply with the provisions of NRS 633.694.


Operation of a medical facility, as defined in NRS 449.0151, at any time during which:


The license of the facility is suspended or revoked; or


An act or omission occurs which results in the suspension or revocation of the license pursuant to NRS 449.160.
Ê This paragraph applies to an owner or other principal responsible for the operation of the facility.


Failure to comply with the provisions of subsection 2 of NRS 633.322.


Signing a blank prescription form.


Knowingly or willfully procuring or administering a controlled substance or a dangerous drug as defined in chapter 454 of NRS that is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, unless the unapproved controlled substance or dangerous drug:


Was procured through a retail pharmacy licensed pursuant to chapter 639 of NRS;


Was procured through a Canadian pharmacy which is licensed pursuant to chapter 639 of NRS and which has been recommended by the State Board of Pharmacy pursuant to subsection 4 of NRS 639.2328;


Is marijuana being used for medical purposes in accordance with chapter 453A of NRS; or


Is an investigational drug or biological product prescribed to a patient pursuant to NRS 630.3735 or 633.6945.


Attempting, directly or indirectly, by intimidation, coercion or deception, to obtain or retain a patient or to discourage the use of a second opinion.


Terminating the medical care of a patient without adequate notice or without making other arrangements for the continued care of the patient.


In addition to the provisions of subsection 3 of NRS 633.524, making or filing a report which the licensee knows to be false, failing to file a record or report that is required by law or knowingly or willfully obstructing or inducing another to obstruct the making or filing of such a record or report.


Failure to report any person the licensee knows, or has reason to know, is in violation of the provisions of this chapter or the regulations of the Board within 30 days after the date the licensee knows or has reason to know of the violation.


Failure by a licensee or applicant to report in writing, within 30 days, any criminal action taken or conviction obtained against the licensee or applicant, other than a minor traffic violation, in this State or any other state or by the Federal Government, a branch of the Armed Forces of the United States or any local or federal jurisdiction of a foreign country.


Engaging in any act that is unsafe in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board.


Failure to comply with the provisions of NRS 629.515.


Failure to supervise adequately a medical assistant pursuant to the regulations of the Board.


Failure to obtain any training required by the Board pursuant to NRS 633.473.


Failure to comply with the provisions of NRS 633.6955.


Failure to comply with the provisions of NRS 453.163, 453.164, 453.226, 639.23507, 639.2391 to 639.23916, inclusive, and any regulations adopted by the State Board of Pharmacy pursuant thereto.


Fraudulent, illegal, unauthorized or otherwise inappropriate prescribing, administering or dispensing of a controlled substance listed in schedule II, III or IV.


Failure to comply with the provisions of NRS 454.217 or 629.086.


As used in this section, “investigational drug or biological product” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 454.351.

Source: Section 633.511 — Grounds for initiating disciplinary action., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-633.­html#NRS633Sec511.

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